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USB Cup/Mug Warmer for tea, milk & coffee


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Express yourself with unique features.


1. Makes your cup of tea/milk/coffee instantly warm.

2. mini size, usb powered

3. Plug and play, easy to use

4. Compatible with all 5V 1A USB 2.0 slot like PC, notebook, power adapter, mobile power and microUSB OTG function support mobile phone.

5. Durable, upto 15 hours continuous working hours at maximum

6. Material: Silicone+Carbon fiber

7. Color: Blue, Green, Rose red

8. Size: 9.5×0.6cm

Usage instructions
1.Connect the USB cable to the computer or 5V charger switch interface, coasters begin to generate heat.
2.The need for thermal insulation on the silica glass coasters, then it can play the role of insulation (please don\’t use the recessed bottom cup, glass Cup is best)
3. Please do not use this insulation Cup for outside functions.
4. Please Unplug the USB cable when don\’t use, to extend the life of the product.
5. It is only used to keep your tea or coffe warm,but not for heating.

Package included
1 x USB cup warmer


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