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BOSE QC20 Magnet Wireless Smart Sports Stereo Earphones

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Key Features:

  • Built-in Magnet
  • Wireless Sports Stereo Earphones
  • Wireless v4.2
  • Ergonomic, curved design
  • Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion
  • Stereo Surround Sound

There are a lot of factors that determine the final sound quality of headphones. Although nothing beats trying them in person, these specs can offer some guidance.

Impedance and Sensitivity: Impedance and sensitivity can speak to the wattage needed to output certain volume levels. Low impedance and high sensitivity headphones require less power and are better suited for small output devices like smartphones or MP3 players. The Bose QuietComfort 15 has a high impedance which may require an amp for best use.

Frequency Response: The frequency response indicates the range of pitches the headphones can produce. For context, humans can hear between 20 Hz – 20kHz, but most songs stick to the middle of that range. While these headphones may be missing some of the very low bass pitches, it’s still good for listening to some stronger bass genres such as pop and rock.

Magnet Material: These headphones use a neodymium magnet which is the most common magnet material for headphones.

Weight: Weight is simply a user preference and metric of portability. It does not indicate higher quality headphones as some brands add unnecessary weight to their models. So don’t be too quick to judge the Bose QuietComfort 15, which is one of the lightest over-ear headphones.

What’s in the box:

1 x Bose QC20 Magnet Bluetooth Earphones

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Bose Pouch


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