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Selfie LED FLash


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Key Features

  • Type: LED Light, Stand
  • Battery Power: 200 mAh


The first fully synchronized flash light for IOS/Android/ Windows Phone 8/ Selfie Camera. It is a portable flash that is fully synchronized with smartphones and tablets. It connects to the audio jack of your smart device and allows you to use with both the back and front camera.
The flash is constructed to include hi-end American LEDs that provide an uncompromising amount of light for such a small size. The light comes through 60 degree optics, of our development, which works perfectly with any smartphone or tablet (yes, even the iPhone 5 too)

Most importantly, with its own built-in battery, it will not drain your smartphone’s power. It has a 200 mAh battery which will be enough for more than 1000 flashes per charge or up to 40 minutes in full power constant light mode! In battery saving mode it can shine up to three hours!

Smartphones camera works well in video mode but they are pretty useless at night. Phone companies can-not make their smartphones LED’s powerful enough because they would drain the phone’s battery in constant light mode; iblazr is your best solution for this problem. With the popularity of video apps such as Vine and Instagram in video mode, the iblazr will help your videos stand out from the crowd.


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